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The main ALC program is a seat-based program for students in grades 9-12 working towards graduation from high school. Coursework taken is based on the graduation requirements needed to obtain a high school diploma.  The requirements are dependent upon the student's original graduation year and specified in the school profile.

Albert Lea Area Learning Center Registration Information

Riverland Community College Room 105 (inside Door A-2)

Students interested in enrolling in the 2019-2020  school year should inquire through their high school counselor, call 507-379-1453 or stop in the ALC office located at Riverland Community College. If you are under 18 years of age a parent/guardian signature is required.

If a student is transferring from ALHS, Referrals should be signed by a school guidance counselor or designee before sending to the ALC

Current 9th - 12th grade (up to age 21) must meet one or more eligibility criteria

Administrative Assistant; 507-379-1453



  • 19-20 ALC Program Brochure.pdf
  • 19-20 Student Referral ALC Form.pdf

FAQ about the Albert Lea Area Learning Center

-Where is the ALC located?

The ALC is located on the Riverland Community College campus in Albert Lea.

-What is the classroom experience at the ALC?

Students are scheduled into classes that they need for graduation as well as elective courses. Students are scheduled into these courses with licensed staff in English, Math, Social Studies, Science, and Special Education. The curriculum tool most widely used is a web-based curriculum called Odysseware.  Students work in their individual courses facilitated by the licensed staff. As students complete a course, they then begin the next course needed for graduation.

-What time does school start and end?

The school day runs from 8:15am-2:37pm.

-What are the graduation requirements for ALC?

The graduation requirements at the ALC are the same at Albert Lea High School.  46 total credits are needed for graduation.

-What electives can I take at ALC?

Most electives are offered through the web-based curriculum used at the ALC. There are limited direct instruction courses offered based on staffing availability. The electives available include all subject areas - English, Social Studies, Science, Art, and Career Exploration.

-Do they have PSEO at ALC?

Yes, the ALC has a partnership with Riverland Community College for Early Middle College or PSEO.  Students work with the ALC school counselor to determine eligibility and enrollment.

-Can I still go to Albert Lea High school after school events?

Yes, you are welcome at all Albert Lea High School after school events, such as dances, provided you have proper student ID and permissions under the same guidelines at ALHS within good standing.

-Can I stay in music or athletics if I go to the ALC?

Yes, students may participate in MSHSL activities and all eligibility guidelines apply.  Students may not attend courses at the high school such as band, choir, or other elective courses.

-How does transportation to and from ALC work?

Bussing is provided to the ALC if you qualify.  In the morning, all busses drop off at the high school and then ALC students take a bus to the Riverland building from there.  After school, ALC students get bussed to the high school and then they take their assigned bus home.

-How many students attend the ALC?

Enrollment fluctuates between 85-100 students.

-How big are the class sizes?

The Albert Lea ALC seeks to maintain a 15:1 overall student-teacher ratio which may cause the program to cap enrollment from time to time.

-Why can students get more credits completed at the ALC then at the high school?

As students finish a course they are enrolled in another course.  This allows for students to earn more credits than a traditional grading period or semester.  It also allows students to take credit recovery courses during the school day.

-Can students graduate “early”?

Students do not typically graduate early from the ALC.  The most common scenario is that students may finish their courses a few days/weeks before graduation and students are not required to attend school.  Individual circumstances are always a part of the student's graduation plan.

-Can I walk at the ALHS graduation ceremony?

ALC students can choose if they would like to attend the ALHS graduation (in their graduation year) ceremony and/or the ALC graduation ceremony.  All graduating ALC students are encouraged to participate in the ALC graduation ceremony regardless of their graduation year.

-Does the diploma look different?

The diploma is the same as the diploma that ALHS students receive.

-Does a student get a new Chromebook at ALC or keep their ALHS Chromebook?

Chromebooks are used during the day at the ALC so students do not have a Chromebook checked out to them for the year.  There are Chromebooks and hotspots available to checkout overnight/weekend on a limited basis.

-Is there work-release at ALC for credit?

Yes, the ALC has a Diversified Occupations/Work-Based Learning Program.  Typically students take a full day of classes and utilize WBL in addition to their full day.  There are exceptions/circumstances that allow for flexibility in this.

-Why would a student want to transfer to the ALC?

Students meeting one or more of the qualifying areas may want to consider attending the ALC. Working with the family and school counselor will best determine if the ALC is an appropriate school option.

-What are some leadership and/or extra opportunities that a student can take part in at the ALC?

The ALC does not have traditional out of school clubs or organizations.  The ALC is a member of and participates in MAAP (Minnesota Association of Alternative Programs) STARS (Success Teamwork Achievement Recognition Self Esteem) which is a leadership course for credit and allows for community service as part of additional credit option as well as a fall leadership retreat and state spring conference.

-What makes a student eligible to attend the ALC?

ALCs are choice schools for students who qualify to attend.  ALCs are not schools that come under the “open enrollment” statute whereby any student may choose to attend. A Minnesota high school student can enroll if he or she meets at least one of the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Performs substantially below the performance level for pupils of the same age in a locally determined achievement test.
  2. Is behind in satisfactorily completing coursework or obtaining credits for graduation.
  3. Is pregnant or is a parent.
  4. Has been assessed as chemically dependent.
  5. Has been excluded or expelled and has permission from the superintendent of schools to attend this program.
  6. Has been referred by a school district for enrollment in an eligible program.
  7. Is a victim of physical or sexual abuse.
  8. Has experienced mental health problems.
  9. Has experienced homelessness sometime within six months before requesting a transfer to an eligible program.
  10. Speaks English as a second language or has limited English proficiency.
  11. Has withdrawn from school or has been chronically truant.

-How do I request to attend the ALC?

Students who would like to attend the ALC can make an appointment to talk with their ALHS counselor.  There is a referral form that needs to be completed, signed, and returned to the ALHS counselor. There is sometimes a cap on enrollment and students are placed on a list as space becomes available.

The Albert Lea ALC seeks to maintain a 15:1 overall student-teacher ratio which may cause the program to cap enrollment from time to time.

Transferring from Albert Lea High School. Students should work with their assigned school counselor to complete the student referral process or the request to attend process for special education students.

Transferring from another district.  Students are encouraged to work with the school counselor from their home district to complete the student referral process.

Self-referral. Interested students may complete the Student Referral paperwork necessary to start the enrollment process.  ALC staff will then request previous school records and determine if the student qualifies for attendance at the ALC.

Waiting List.  Students will then be placed on the list for the next opening. It is recommended that students start at the beginning of a grading period; however, exceptions may be made for some students to enter the program during a term.

-What if my student goes to the ALC and wants to come back to the high school?

Deciding to attend the ALC or return back to the high school are student and family decisions.  It is recommended that students be on track for graduation if transferring back to the high school.